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Recoil scraper chip remover

Recoil scraper chip remover

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After the dirty liquid enters into the chip conveyor, the larger particles are directly deposited at the bottom of the chip conveyor. The clean liquid enters into the clean liquid tank from the recoil roller, while the small particle impurities attached to the filter screen are flushed by the flushing water pump from the inside to the outside at the bottom of the chip conveyor, and scraped into the dirt tank by the scraper. It can meet the requirements of different filter precision of different customers by changing different specifications of filter screen. It has the advantages of high efficiency, long service life and low operation cost.
EGR (c) FGP (magnetic) recoil scraper chip conveyor is an improved product based on scraper chip conveyor. Automatic cleaning of filter screen, sustainable operation, low consumption and high efficiency. It can be used in combination with vortex separator or other fine filtration system to realize secondary filtration with better effect.
It is suitable for machine tools with large amount of chips, especially for the purification of cutting fluid containing light aluminum chips. For wet processing of iron castings, a magnet can be added at the bottom of the chip conveyor, which is more conducive to the precipitation of impurities.
Users shall provide relevant technical parameters when ordering, so as to use them in design.

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