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Egrgl1 paper tape filter

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Product Description

      Egrgl1 series paper belt filter is composed of liquid box, filter non-woven fabric (filter paper), transmission mechanism, sending mechanism, liquid supply pump, sewage collection box, etc.
      When the machine tool is working, the return liquid enters into the filter paper, the transmission mechanism, the screen and the filter paper on it form an arc surface. When the waste liquid passes through the paper tape, the impurities are absorbed on the upper surface of the paper tape, and they are piled up continuously, resulting in the rising of the waste liquid level, the sending mechanism sends a message, the motor drives the            transmission mechanism to move, and the impurities and dirty paper are discharged into the waste box. After the paper tape is renewed, the waste liquid level drops, and the motor stops working and enters Next working cycle, the clean liquid in the liquid tank is delivered to the machine tool by the liquid supply pump.
      This series is suitable for grinding machine, honing machine and other finishing machine tools. It can also be equipped with a thermostat to meet the requirements of the corresponding operating conditions of the host.
      matters needing attention:
      1. When the shape of impurities in the filtering liquid is large, the back liquid of the random bed will wash down, which may cause damage to the filter paper, thus making the filtering invalid; when the processing amount of the host machine is large and there are too many impurities, the filter paper will be frequently blocked and replaced, which will cause serious consumption of the filter paper. The above two conditions shall be used together with other types of chip removal devices as far as possible. The chip removal shall be completed first and then the filter shall be carried out.
      2. When ordering, make sure to confirm with our technicians the return mode of the machine tool and the pipeline interface of the liquid supply pump.

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