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Belt type oil-water separator

Belt type oil-water separator

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      Egrdyf belt type oil-water separator is composed of reducer, attached oil belt, driving shaft, driven shaft, oil scraper, housing, oil collection box, etc. The driving shaft of the decelerating motor drives the driven shaft to rotate through the oil attachment belt. By using the difference of physical affinity between the oil attachment belt immersed in the oil mixing area and the water-based cutting fluid and the oil slick, the oil slick is stuck from the oil mixing area and finally scraped into the oil collection box by the oil scraper.
      This equipment is mainly used for wet machining to remove floating oil in cutting fluid. The utility model has the advantages of small floor area, durable, stable and reliable operation. It has a strong adaptability to the level of the floating oil level and the fluctuation range of the liquid level. The oil removal capacity is large and the speed is fast.

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