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CF series magnetic separator

CF series magnetic separator

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Product Description

      Egrcf magnetic separator is composed of reducer, box, magnetic roller, rubber roller, scraping board and other parts. The reducer drives the magnetic roller to rotate. After the coolant enters the box body, the ferromagnetic impurities are adsorbed on the outer wall of the magnetic roller, and then are rolled by the rubber roller to extrude the liquid entrained by the impurities. Finally, there is a scraping board to separate the impurities from the magnetic roller. The equipment is simple in appearance, small in volume and convenient in installation and use. It is an important accessory of grinding machine and grinding automatic line.
      It is used to purify cooling fluid (cutting oil or emulsion) of grinding machine and other machine tools. The iron scraps in the coolant are sucked out through the magnetic drum of the separator to keep the coolant clean.
      The use of magnetic separator can reduce the times of grinding wheel correction, improve the surface finish of workpiece, and extend the service life of grinding wheel and coolant. At the same time, it reduces the labor intensity of workers and the pollution of coolant to the environment.
      matters needing attention:
      1. When it is not working for a long time, the box shall be cleaned to prevent impurities from hardening.
      2. If the flow is greater than the set working flow, the separation effect will be affected.
      3. Not suitable for coolant containing scrap steel.
      4. If there are too many impurities in the coolant, the gap between the rubber roll and the outer wall of the magnetic roll shall be adjusted, otherwise, the height of impurities on the outer wall of the magnetic roll will increase, and the area cannot be rolled by the magnetic roll.
      5. We can design the outlet and inlet according to the customer's requirements.

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