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Gl5 series drum filter

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Product Description

Gl5 series drum type paper belt filter consists of a rolling disc, a transmission mechanism and a filter paper. The circular arc type liquid pool can provide a high positive pressure for the liquid, a large flow of filtering capacity and a high filtering efficiency. During operation, the waste liquid enters the filter from the water inlet at the side of the filter, forming an arc-shaped liquid pool on the filter layer. Under the action of gravity, the coolant is collected to the clean liquid tank from the bottom of the filter through the filter layer, and impurities are adsorbed on the filter layer. When there are too many impurities accumulated, the trafficability of the filter layer decreases, and the liquid level in the liquid pool rises. When the liquid level rises to the set height, the transmission system starts, driving the motor to output the dirty paper and enter the new paper at the same time, completing the filter paper renewal, and the filtering accuracy is 25 μ.
The filter with this structure is more compact than the horizontal paper belt filter and saves more space. At the same time, the deepening of the liquid pool makes the water pressure increase, which can better improve the filtering accuracy.
Suitable for grinding fluid, honing fluid, parts cleaning, phosphating fluid, drawing oil, cold rolling fluid, etc.

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